We know you're super busy. That's why we created a 20-30 minute self-paced lesson for you to complete on your own terms. Each lesson is a recording covering one of the 9 Essential Skills based on our book, Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution

An e-workbook is also provided to help you stay organized and keep everything in one place.  
You will meet up LIVE with Charle via Zoom for 60 minutes once per month to take a deep dive into each Essential Skill. Since we don't require you to complete the skills in order, just jump in and out as you wish. 

Charle will also host a monthly live Q&A to address any questions you have. 
Once you've successfully completed all of the 9 lesson, you'll take a short, comprehensive evaluation to demonstrate your understanding of each skill. 

You'll then get access to a professional certificate of completion to add to your resume which shows your ability to share these skills with colleagues. 
What Educators Are Saying...
Mina B.
"Thriving School Community really made it simple to reframe our mindsets on how we look at our needs and the needs of others! What an amazing interactive workshop!"
Esmeralda A.
"Thank you for giving me the space to think about my needs and the needs of those around me."
Chauna K.
"I enjoy teaching but have to admit that I am burned out. This was the refresher I needed to continue."
Blanca M.
"I never thought that a virtual session could be as engaging as it was! The time went by incredibly fast."
Jazmin M.
"Very engaging and informative, and useful to put into practice right away."
Teresa W.
"Wonderfully presented units, with delightful and personable instructors make this PD one of the best I have attended."
Courtney R.
"I felt seen and heard as an educator, but also empowered and equipped."
Kara F.
"Having taught for over 20 years, these sessions were just what I needed as a refresher in the importance of students and teachers’ mental health challenges in today’s times."
Rose D.
"This session helped me see I also need to value myself. I can use these tools to help my mental health as well as helping my students."

Ready to be a TSC Ambassador


Lead mental health learning sessions showing staff, parents, and students how to improve their mental health and wellness.
Enrollment in the Ambassador Program Gets You...
1. Monthly LIVE Laser Coaching 
  • 60-min. group laser-coaching session every month.
  • Engaging, relatable examples to address common issues.
  • ​Recorded sessions to complete at your own pace.
  • Workbook to follow along on your own terms.
2. Monthly LIVE Q & A 
  • Bi-monthly 60-min. group laser-coaching sessions.
  • Deep-dive into key school-related mental health topics.
  • ​Flexible (pop in and out at your convenience).
  • Regular live Q & A session every month!
3. Recognition as a Mental Health Leader
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • The ability to share TSC strategies with others confidently.
  • Access premium mental health resources + tools.
  • ​Show off your new skills when climbing the leadership ladder!
4. Ongoing Support + Encouragement
  • Expert advice when you need it, as often as you need it.
  • Incredible community of like-minded educators.
  • ​Access to special promotions + discounts at TSC events.
  • ​Pro Tips sent directly to your inbox.

Level Up School Mental Health 

Improving school mental health using the Thriving School Community solution.
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